The List Of Dog Breeds Recommended To Be A Pet


Are you thinking of getting a dog as a pet? Are you confused which breed you are getting? It may be for the reason that there are many breeds of dog that you can choose from. But worry no more, the following list will help you know which breeds of dog are advised to be a pet.

The first breed is the pug. Pugs are the types of dog that are very playful and loving. These dogs will not consume a lot of space since they are only small around 14-18 pounds. Their brows look like the same as the human’s brows and their eyes are so beautiful. Pugs are perfect for those who live in the city. But if you are in an area where the climate is too hot or too cold, pugs will not survive.

The second breed of dog that is in the list is the Yorkshire terrier. They possess the characteristic of being affectionate. They do not grow more than 7 pounds so they are very small and cute. They are also perfect for the owners who live in a city. They have the hair same with humans so they will not trigger any allergies.

The third in the list is the bulldog. This breed of dog is known to be calm and sweet. They have a cute nose, a belly, and a loose skin. They weigh until 50 pounds. They are perfect for those owners who live in an apartment where there is an air conditioner. If you live in a space where it is a bit hotter and there is more humidity, bulldogs might not be good for you.

The fourth breed of dog that is on the list is the chihuahua. These dogs are very small, with at least until 6 pounds weight. Chihuahuas are perfect to be trained because they are smart. If you live in a city and you do not have kids, chihuahua is perfect for you.

That was the list of the dog breeds perfect to be a pet. But if the list is not enough for you, there are more breeds not mentioned. Because there are still many breeds of dogs out there. If you want, you can do further research or personally visit a pet shop.

With online research, you can learn more about the all the breeds of dog in just one website.

There is also a site that will include photos of each breed.

You can also discover more about each breed if you read more on the description.

It is also good if you visit a pet shop. You can personally check, see, and touch a dog.